The Original CyberFrog Resurfacing Soon in “Warts and All”

Ever since striking out as an independent creator, renowned comic book artist Ethan Van Sciver has been collecting and prepping all of his old CyberFrog books, artwork and other content to create an all-new hardcover omnibus edition titled Warts and All.

Here’s the official description of the project taken taken from the CyberFrog: Warts and All pre-launch page:

For the first time ever, a complete volume of every rare CYBERFROG comic and appearance from the 1990’s! These comics are hard to find and often very expensive! So here’s your chance to get all of it in one hardcover omnibus collection! Don’t miss out!

The book itself will be a hardcover edition complete with a wraparound dust jacket featuring new cover art by Van Sciver and colors by Kyle Ritter.

Along with the Warts and All book, the campaign will also feature an opportunity to pick up a metal CyberFrog miniature, All Caps Comics apparel, and a bonus comic CYBERFROG: FROGAPALOOZA ZINE, which highlights “the earliest, previously unpublished CyberFrog comics and art.”

The start of the Indiegogo campaign is still a few weeks away, but if you sign up for email updates, you’ll automatically receive a bonus trading card when the campaign launches (and you back the book).* You can sign up for email updates on the Warts and All campaign here.

*Note: Post updated on 23 September to clarify how to receive the bonus trading card.

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