Ethan Van Sciver’s “Cyberfrog: Rekt Planet” comic raises $250k and counting just hours after launch

On 15 March, renowned comic book creator and YouTube personality Ethan Van Sciver launched a crowdfunding campaign for Cyberfrog: Rekt Planet via Indiegogo. At the time of this writing, the campaign has already raised more than $265 thousand, which is record-setting pace for a crowdfunded comic. Of course, it’s also “Six figures, bitch!” twice over.

Written and illustrated by Van Sciver and featuring colors by Kyle Ritter, Rekt Planet is the 48-page sequel to the massively successful Cyberfrog: Bloodhoney.

Unfamiliar with Cyberfrog? Here’s a plot synopsis taken from the Rekt Planet Indiegogo campaign page:

It’s 2018, twenty years after the VYZPZZ invasion.  CYBERFROG has reunited with his friend HEATHER SWAIN, who is surviving in the New Jersey Pine Barrens with her ten year old daughter LILY and others.

They live by these four rules:

1. STAY IN THE TREES: The Vyzpzz have demonstrated that they have trouble maneuvering in the forest.

2. STAY NEAR THE SMOKE: Survivors keep bonfires going constantly.  The Vyzpzz are repelled by smoke and fire.

3. STAY CALM: The Vyzpzz are intoxicated by panic and fear.

4. ALWAYS WEAR RED: The Vyzpzz can’t see the color red.  Wearing red cloaks makes you invisible to them.

The survivors believe that they are safely hidden, and have been living in relative safety for years.  But the return of CYBERFROG brings trouble.  Big trouble.

Backers can get a physical copy of Rekt Planet for $25. If you have more green to toss around, there are also backer tiers with extra copies of the book, a supplemental comic titled Salamandroid: Death’s Sting, original artwork, an all-inclusive “honeycomb” box set, and the chance to have your likeness drawn into the final book. If you act fast (before 11:59 am EST on 16 March), then you can also snag a special “Ides of March” variant cover.

At this rate. Rekt Planet has already smashed through multiple stretch goals, including a chromium cover upgrade, an Indiegogo-exclusive trading card, a bonus ashcan comic Amphibionix #2, and a second bonus comic titled Cyberfrog: Numb featuring artwork by EJ Morges.

Congratulations to Van Sciver, Ritter, and everyone else on the Cyberfrog team. Sure, “Six figures, bitch!” is now in the rest-view window, but could Rekt Planet hit “Seven figures, motherfucker?” You can check out some sample artwork below or hop over to the full Cyberfrog: Rekt Planet Indiegogo campaign page here.

The limited time “Ides of March” cover

Standard cover by Jae Lee


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