Ethan Van Sciver reveals details for upcoming “Cyberfrog” trading card set

Last week, renowned comic book artist and Cyberfrog creator Ethan Van Sciver revealed several details for an upcoming trading card set based on his cybernetic amphibian.

The set is humbly named the Cyberfrog Deluxe Ultra Premium Trading Card Set. The set itself is made up of 18 base cards, 6 line art cards, puzzle cards, and 6 throwback cards featuring older art from Cyberfrog’s original Harris Comics run in the 90s. Most importantly, there will also be over a thousand unique, full-color sketch cards featuring artwork from Van Sciver himself or other “friends of Cyberfrog” artists including Mike S. Miller, Elliot Fernandez, and others. Each pack is guaranteed to have two of these original art cards, which is pretty nice selling point.

What else is inside each pack? According to Van Sciver, every pack will include a total of 7 cards, including the 2 sketch cards, 2 base cards, 1 signed card (signed by either Van Sciver or Cyberfrog: Blood Honey colorist Kyle Ritter), 1 line art or throwback card, and 1 puzzle. Each pack will also include one of several collectible 50-cent piece coins featuring Cyberfrog characters such as Salamandroid, Heather Swain, and of course, Cyberfrog himself.

Backers of the Cyberfrog: Blood Honey graphic novel will get a sneak peak at the set when their books arrive later this summer, as all backers will receive a promotional, foil-wrapped, 2-pack with their copy of Blood Honey (which is still available to preorder here).

Similar to Van Sciver’s other recent ventures, the Cyberfrog Deluxe Ultra Premium Trading Card Set will be crowdfunded on Indiegogo later this year.

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