After “Cyberfrog: Blood Honey” – Ethan Van Sciver details the future of All Caps Comics

Comic artist and Cyberfrog creator Ethan Van Sciver has made some very big announcements his Comic Artist Pro Secrets YouTube channel regarding the future of the Cyberfrog brand and his independent business venture, All Caps Comics.

First and foremost, Van Sciver has hired an editor to assist with the Cyberfrog: Blood Honey project. Part of this editor’s job is to “crack the whip” and keep Van Sciver on schedule. All of Blood Honey‘s artwork is expected to be complete by the end of April, with the book releasing in May.

Following Blood Honey’s release, Van Sciver intends to immediately launch two separate crowdfunding campaigns on Indiegogo. The first project will be a black and white version of Blood Honey featuring Van Sciver’s original art pages before they were touched up and colored for the final book. This is definitely a niche product for comic book art enthusiasts, but if you’d like insight into the craft and process of a top-tier comic book artist including high quality scans of pencils, inks, and even Van Sciver’s own margin notes, this edition would definitely be worth a look.

The second Indiegogo campaign that could launch as early as May is the much anticipated Reignbow Brute. Co-written by Internet comedian Cecil and featuring colors by Kyle Ritter, Reignbow Brute is an action/parody of Rainbow Brite and other 80s properties including the Care Bears and My Little Pony (Reignbow Brute’s horse is even named “My Girthy Stallion”

Aside from crowdfunding, Van Sciver also announced that the entire 1990s run of Cyberfrog would be published in a collected edition titled Cyberfrog: Warts and All. This will contain 200+ pages taken from comics, ashcans, even a never released “censored page,” all with the colors updated using modern processes. Cyberfrog: Warts and All will be sold through the direct market and will also be available through online retailers like Amazon.

Beyond these projects, there are also plans to expand the Cyberfrog property beyond comics. A collectible miniature figurine is already available and a Cyberfrog video game is being developed, but Van Sciver noted that there are discussions for a plushie, trading cards, and even an animated movie.

Them be some big plans, right?* You can watch Ethan Van Sciver’s full livestream below.



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