Ethan Van Sciver launches online store; Cyberfrog miniature figurine now available for pre-orders

This week, comic artist and Cyberfrog creator Ethan Van Sciver launched an online collectibles store. The inaugural item? A Cyberfrog miniature figurine, what else?

Scheduled to ship in December 2018, the resin Cyberfrog figurine will measure 35mm tall and is ready to assemble and paint (yes, you will paint it yourself like a Warhammer figurine). It also comes with a transparent base.

Cyber Frog Bronze Figurine

While this figurine is essentially sold as a collectible for now, Van Sciver has noted that he intends to manufacture a full chess set featuring Cyberfrog characters such as Salamandroid and Heather Swain. Salamandroid will be the “rook”, right EVS?

You can pre-order your own Cyberfrog miniature figurine here for $18. How much money do you think it would take to get Cyberfrog: Blood Honey colorist Kyle Ritter to paint one?

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