Cyberfrog video game prototype surfaces

Earlier this week, comic book artist Ethan Van Sciver took to his YouTube channel to showcase a prototype video game based on his graphic novel Cyberfrog: Blood Honey. The game has been a labor of love for Cyberfrog superfan 3DRobin, who has independently developed this prototype from top to bottom.

At this stage, the game is a fairly simple brawler featuring the titular hero, where the amphibious avenger punches & kicks his way past swarms of killer wasps through the barren wasteland of what one can only assume is Philadelphia. 3DRobin also hopes to include playable mini-games tied to arcade machines scattered throughout the devastated world of Blood Honey. There’s already quite a few inside jokes and references in the game, too, complete with a billboard featuring the greatest musical genius of our time, Fabio.

You can watch Van Sciver play through the prototype build in the video below.

Would you like to see this Cyberfrog prototype fleshed out into a full game? Would you pay for it? Perhaps another record-breaking Cyberfrog Indiegogo campaign is in the near future… there is a working prototype, after all.

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