Ethan Van Sciver’s “Bro White” book begins to take shape

Renowned comic book artist Ethan Van Sciver is already riding high on the continued success of Cyberfrog: Blood Honey and the promise of his upcoming satire book Reignbow Brute. It seems as though another brainchild had been gestating in his bizarre imagination: Bro White and the Seven Beyotches.

Originally dreamed up as a joke response to Kristen Bell’s garbage-tier take on children’s fairy tales, the Bro White gag is now the basis for an entirely new project which Van Sciver has tentatively titled Toxic Fairy Tales for Toxically Masculine Men of Masculine Toxicity.

So what exactly is TFTFTMMOMT? It’s an all-new anthology of fairy tales sarcastically reimagined as stories exclusively for dudes, and so far, it sounds pretty damn hilarious.

While TFTFT… (fuck it) Toxic Fairy Tales will likely be published by Van Sciver’s own All Caps Comics, he does not intend to write and draw each and every fairy tale in the book himself. Instead, he’s opened the door for other independent comic book creators to contribute their talents, including Mike S. Miller, Jon Malin, Kelsey Shannon, and others.

So what classic girls’ tales does Van Sciver & Co. intend to drastically improve? Here’s a quick sampler:

  • Alex in Wonderland
  • Big Mister Muffet
  • Jem (Jim?) and the Homophobes
  • Black Riding Hood (a young black man in a hoodie fights werewolves in the ‘hood)
  • and Bro White and the Seven Beyotches (a fat neckbeard gets thrown out of his house by his nagging wife)

To watch the most recent discussion of Toxic Fairy Tales, go to Ethan Van Sciver’s YouTube page here. To watch the hysterical video that started it all, go no further than the video below.


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