Magnum Opus launches crowdfunding campaign for “Lady Alchemy” graphic novel

This weekend, the crowdfunding campaign for a new graphic novel Lady Alchemy launched on Indiegogo. Lady Alchemy is a 40-page graphic novel created by Martina Markova and described as “a graphic novel love letter to 90s era babe comics and 80s magical girl cartoon shows, but with a TechNoir twist.Lady Alchemy is also the very first project created by a new production company, Magnum Opus Studio Productions.

Here is a plot summary taken from the Lady Alchemy Indiegogo page:

LADY ALCHEMY is the Burlesque Artist alter ego of Martina Markota, a rising star in the underground art scene in the big city. In the bustling metropolis of NYC, she discovers that her visions of a demonic world are real. She must control her powers, enter the dark realm and fight to free the city from a mind controlling media executive. Neon Noir meets cyberpunk wrapped around a hot babe in this illustrated action thriller.

Backers can get in at ground level for $25, which gets you a physical copy of Lady Alchemy. Those who spend more can also get posters, t-shirts, or a limited edition silkscreen. Magnum Opus intends to use the proceeds from Lady Alchemy to help fund future projects, including other art forms such as games, film, toys, music and other print media. It’s nearly halfway funded already, so there’s a good chance that Lady Alchemy will be making it to the “fully funded” finish line with room to spare.

You can check out some sample artwork below, or visit the full Lady Alchemy Indiegogo page here.

Lady alchemy cover Indiegogo

lady alchemy collage Indiegogo

Lady alchemy sample page

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