Supernatural thriller “Lady Alchemy” extended to 60 pages; new artwork revealed

In a backer update on Friday, Lady Alchemy creator Martina Markota announced that the supernatural graphic novel was going to be extended from 40 to 60 pages as the creative team felt more space was needed to do the story justice. This will mean a delay in delivery of the book, but backers of Lady Alchemy can now expect a far girthier final product. Markota also shared quite a few new pages of artwork, some of which we included below.

Lady Alchemy is the first project created by Magnum Opus Studio Productions, and is described as a “graphic novel love letter to 90s era babe comics and 80s magical girl cartoon shows, but with a TechNoir twist.” The story follows a rising star in the underground art scene in New York City who discovers that her visions of a demonic world are real. She must control her powers and enter the dark realm to free the city from a mind-controlling media executive.

The book is still available in-demand on Indiegogo, so if you’d like to pitch in and grab your own copy of Lady Alchemy, just head over to the full Indiegogo page here.

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