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Indiegogo Campaign for Dystopian Sci-Fi Comic “EYVA” Ends Successfully; Still Available In-Demand

On Wednesday, the crowdfunding campaign for EYVA ended successfully, raising nearly $7 thousand by the end of the crowdfunding period. Written by Annas Iskander and featuring illustrations by Timothy Green II, EYVA is a 28-page, cyberpunk/sci-fi comic book set in a dystopian future where freedoms are restricted if they fall outside of proscribed norms established by the Mainframe’s protocols. Here’s

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Cyberpunk noire graphic novel “Necromancer” now crowdfunding on Indiegogo

Over the weekend, Jakob Morris launched a crowdfunding campaign for a new graphic novel Necromancer: Tombstone Blues via Indiegogo. Written by Morris and featuring illustrations by Basque artist Ibai Canales (Iron Sights), Necromancer appears to be a mega-mishmash of gothic, cyberpunk, noire and mystery. Here’s a summary of the Necromancer project taken from the Indiegogo campaign page.   “In this

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Magnum Opus launches crowdfunding campaign for “Lady Alchemy” graphic novel

This weekend, the crowdfunding campaign for a new graphic novel Lady Alchemy launched on Indiegogo. Lady Alchemy is a 40-page graphic novel created by Martina Markova and described as “a graphic novel love letter to 90s era babe comics and 80s magical girl cartoon shows, but with a TechNoir twist.” Lady Alchemy is also the very first project created by

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