Cyberpunk noire graphic novel “Necromancer” now crowdfunding on Indiegogo

Over the weekend, Jakob Morris launched a crowdfunding campaign for a new graphic novel Necromancer: Tombstone Blues via Indiegogo. Written by Morris and featuring illustrations by Basque artist Ibai Canales (Iron Sights), Necromancer appears to be a mega-mishmash of gothic, cyberpunk, noire and mystery.

Here’s a summary of the Necromancer project taken from the Indiegogo campaign page.


“In this story a Necromancer by the name of Gregor Mortem will navigate this treacherous world of dark magic and advanced technology as he goes up against rabid goblins and the profane undead. Gregor will question himself and his upbringing as he faces these daunting and dangerous trials while navigating sleazy mob bases, virtual-reality simulations, and desecrated graves.

Backers can get a digital version of Necromancer: Tombstone Blues for $4, while physical copies (with two cover choices) start at $8. With regard to extras, the Necromancer team is keeping it simple. More expensive tiers include multiple copies and an option to have your name scrawled on a tombstone in the pages of the final book.

Interested? You can check out some sample artwork below or visit the full Necromancer: Tombstone Blues Indiegogo page here.


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