Doug Ernst’s “Soulfinder: Demon’s Match” is a supernatural test of faith

On Friday, YouTube comic book commentator Doug Ernst launched an Indiegogo campaign for an all-new graphic novel project titled Soulfinder: Demon’s Match.

Written by Ernst and featuring artwork by Timothy Lim (Black Hops G.I.) and colors by Brett R. Smith (Jawbreakers), Soulfinder is a 56-page, supernatural graphic novel about a combat veteran-turned priest who investigates a string of mysterious deaths.

Here’s the full plot summary taken from the Soulfinder Indiegogo campaign page.

People have wondered for ages: “Why do bad things happen to good people? “

That is exactly what Father Patrick Retter, a Catholic priest who was wounded in combat during his youth, is asked at the start of Soulfinder: Demon’s Match — and it is the question he must grapple with after he becomes involved in a series of supernatural events.

Retter is the parish priest in the small, quiet town of Steepleton, Maryland. Assigned to the tiny locale despite his expertise in demonology and the occult, Retter is often called upon by county authorities to advise on matters with religious significance.

Things don’t stay quiet for long, as a series of related deaths imply that a great evil has been residing in Steepleton, waiting to arise.

Father Retter isn’t alone. He is aided by a young detective and ultimately mentored by a mysterious figure who introduces Retter to an ancient, high order of exorcists known as the Soulfinders.

Retter is reluctant to accept his calling, but the evil he encounters in his investigation — a sinister cult and the demons it worships — may convince him otherwise.

Backers can get a physical copy of Soulfinder for $15, while those with a bit more cash to spend can get a gold-leafed card featuring art by Dave Dorman or a copy of the book signed by the creative team of Ernst, Lim and Smith.

At the time of this writing, the Soulfinder project is extremely close to being fully funded, having already raised 97% of its original funding goal. You can check out some sample artwork below or visit the full Soulfinders: Demon’s Match Indiegogo page here.

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