Issue 1 of Sean Campbell’s “The Ferryman” successfully funded on Indiegogo

In the wee morning hours on Monday, the Indiegogo campaign for issue 1 of The Ferryman successfully reached its funding goal of $2,200 with 18 days remaining before the campaign ends.

The Ferryman is written by Sean Campbell and features illustrations by Dennis Tirona and colors by Ester Salguero.

This first issue of this science-fiction/mystery series is a 22-page comic about coping with life, death, faith, doubt and technology in an uncertain future. Here’s the plot synopsis from the Indiegogo page:

In 2051, new technology has given rise to mankind’s greatest invention; the afterlife. All it takes is a simple implant and upon your death -if you can afford it- your consciousness will be recovered and uploaded to Glory, a user-created paradise where anything is possible.

The reception was… let’s say controversial.

Miles Armstrong is a Recovery Agent, downloading the dead on the midnight shift and trying to keep the job from taking it’s toll on him. However a special client, one of the inventors of Glory, is about to be murdered on his shift and Miles is now at the center of a vast conspiracy that threatens to destroy Glory from within and without.

The backing tiers for The Ferryman are reasonably priced for a crowdfunding project, starting with digital copies for only $2, physical copies for $6, and add a poster print for a total of $15.

You can check out a couple of sample pages below to head to the full Indiegogo campaign here. Don’t forget, there’s still well over two weeks left to chip in and pick up The Ferryman for yourself.

Thanks for reading!

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