Sean Campbell’s “The Ferryman 2” lives on Indiegogo

Earlier this week, Sean Campbell launched a crowdfunding campaign for The Ferryman 2, the follow-up to 2018’s successful cyberpunk-inspired sci-fi/noir tale shockingly titled The Ferryman.

The Ferryman 2 is a 28-page comic written by Sean Campbell and featuring illustrations by Dennis Tirona and colors by Ester Salguero. Below is a plot summary taken from the Ferryman 2 Indiegogo page.


“In the year 2051, the afterlife is for sale.

“Glory: A virtual paradise so perfect the dead are desperate to escape.

“Miles Armstrong is a recovery agent, downloading the dead on the graveyard shift, working for the day when he can buy his own way into Glory.

“Attacked and left for dead, his night’s collection of downloaded souls taken, he sets out to uncover the truth of what’s really lurking in the shadows of the new hereafter.

Backers can get a digital version of The Ferryman 2 for $4, while physical copies of the book start at $10. For those hoping for extra swag, there are also backing tiers which include posters, extra copies of the book, and original artwork. Most importantly, there are tiers which also include the first issue, so you won’t feel lost if you missed the first campaign.

Dying to see more? You can check out some sample artwork below or visit the full The Ferryman 2 Indiegogo page here.

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