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DC Comics Greenlights “Murphyverse” Batman imprint headed by Sean Gordon Murphy

On Monday, comic book creator Sean Gordon Murphy announced that DC Comics has greenlit an imprint based on his Batman: White Knight series. Unofficially dubbed the “Murphyverse”, the Gotham-centric books will pick up where Murphy’s Curse of the White Knight series left off, and feature characters including Nightwing, Batgirl, and Harley Quinn. According to Murphy’s announcement, he will be outlining

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Review: “Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special” (DC Comics, Jolly Jinglings Special)

Welcome back to The Splintering’s Jolly Jinglings holiday event! Full disclosure! Today we’re going to look at one of my personal, all-time favorite comics: Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special. Written by Keith Giffen and Alan Grant, illustrated by Simon Bisley, and published by DC Comics in 1991, Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special is a gloriously violent one-shot comic strictly intended for mature

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Review: “Batman Returns” (SNES, Jolly Jinglings Special)

Welcome back to The Splintering’s Jolly Jinglings holiday event! Today we’re tackling a rare example of a Christmas-related superhero game… Superhero games have historically been hit or miss, but Batman has managed to have slightly better luck than many other characters. The 16-bit era was particularly kind to the Dark Knight. There are several solid Batman games on the Super

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Review: “Superman Peace on Earth” (DC Comics, Jolly Jinglings Special)

Welcome back to the Jolly Jinglings holiday event here at The Splintering! As part of our celebration of the Christmas season, we’re focusing on a host of festive content to get you in the holiday mood. Today, we’re reviewing Superman: Peace on Earth, a 64-page graphic novel published by DC Comics in 1998. Written by Paul Dini (of Batman the

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Artgerm Lau’s patriotic “Wonder Woman” #750 variant now available for preorder

On Sunday, preorders went live for Stanley Artgerm Lau’s variant cover for the landmark Wonder Woman #750. Lau is renowned for his ability to illustrate stunningly beautiful women, and his patriotic take on Princess Diana of Themyscira is no exception. There are three versions of the art, standard with logos, art-only version with no logos, and a throwback edition. These

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DC Comics bends the knee to China, censors “The Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child” promo art

Late last week, DC Comics deleted promotional images from its social media pages after Chinese backlash. The image in question is artwork by Rafael Grampá for Frank Miller’s upcoming graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child, which is scheduled for release on 11 December. The image (which you can see below) displays a young hero of the “bat”

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