Renowned Comic Book Writer Alan Grant Passes Away at 73

Scottish comic book writer Alan Grant has passed away, Grant’s wife announced on Thursday. He was 73.

Born in 1949, Grant got his first job in the comic book industry as an an editor for D.C. Thomson in 1967. After later working for IPC on romance magazines, Grant got the chance to write Judge Dredd for 2000 A.D., and later at DC Comics he made his mark on Batman by writing Detective Comics and Batman: Shadow of the Bat.

While best known for his work on the Dark Knight and Judge Dredd, Grant also worked on the Legion of Super-Heroes spin-off L.E.G.I.O.N., The Demon and Lobo (including a personal favorite Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special).

Grant is credited as co-creating Anarky, Jeremiah Arkham, Ratcatcher, the Ventriloquist, and Victor Zsasz, and he won an Inkpot award in 1992.

May God send His comfort and peace to Alan’s family and friends as they mourn his passing.

Do you have a favorite book or a special memory of Alan Grant? Share it with us in the comments.

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  • Alan Grant is my all-time favorite Batman writer. His long run of Batman works with artist Norm Breyfogle were the highwater mark of that franchise in my opinion. Not only did Alan Grant co-create the long list of characters mentioned in this article, he also helped introduce a new generation of readers to classic Batman villains, like Clay Face and the Mud Pack, and also co-created another one of my favorite Batman supporting characters, Joe Potato! The introduction of Anarky in Detective Comics 608 & 609 was always a great two-parter. If you get the chance to (re)read it, know that the original plan was to have Anarky be the son of the Joker. That plan was unfortunately nixed by editorial later on. That would’ve been an incredible reveal. What a great time in comics when Grant and Breyfogle were on Batman.

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