EA’s next Madden game to include AAF as DLC

According to an insider at EA Sports, the next entry in the John Madden Football franchise is getting a pretty girthy expansion by way of DLC. The AAF (Alliance of American Football) will be fully represented in the next Madden game, including all eight teams, their stadiums, and their full player roster.

Not only will this be the first time that AAF fans will be able to pit the likes of the Arizona Hot Shots against the San Diego Fleet in video game form, but exhibition games between NFL and AAF teams are also reportedly possible. The San Antonio Commanders vs. the Dallas Cowboys? Hot damn, son.

Perhaps the most unique feature of the AAF DLC is in Madden‘s franchise mode, where you can trade players up and down between leagues (NFL & AAF).

This news may seem like odd news considering the financial difficulties that the AAF is dealing with at the moment, but that may precisely be why the feature is planned as DLC.

Sound wicked awesome? Well, what else would you expect? If there’s anything that EA Sports’ franchises are known for, its innovation.

To see the full details on the Madden AAF DLC, go here.

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