HD remake of “Custer’s Revenge” featuring fully digitized actors coming in 2019

Did you ever hide video games in your sock drawer as a teenager? Maybe under your mattress? There’s very few games that required that level of concealment, but one of the first was certainly Custer’s Revenge on the Atari 2600.

First released in 1982, Custer’s Revenge is an adult-themed game in which the player controls a nude General George Armstrong Custer who dodges incoming arrow fire with the goal of reaching a Native American woman tied to a pole and either raping or making sweet love to her, depending on your point of view.

Today, independent developer Torrential Games is giving Custer’s Revenge a full HD remake, and using real actors to do it. We got a chance to sit down with the game’s producer and founder of Torrential Games, Evan Benoit, to ask him about the project.

The Splintering (TS): What made you want to remake Custer’s Revenge?

Evan Benoit (Evan): Because adults play games, too! There are games that freely tackle all subjects. Well, almost all subjects. Considering the number of games out there where you kill people, by shooting them, stabbing them, or blowing them up, why not? Why not a game with some sex? It’s not wrong. It’s how we all got here, right?

TS: Wasn’t there another remake of Custer’s Revenge a few years ago?

Evan: Yes, you got it. There was an online flash version of Custer’s Revenge that was played in your browser but I don’t think it’s very easy to find anymore. It sucked though. The game we’re making is way better than that.

TS: How so?

Evan: You know, the old Atari one was a blocky mess. There really wasn’t much of anything “sexy” to it, and the flash game was still a cartoony version that looked a lot better, but we have real people. Real actors. We’re motion-capturing real actors for the game itself, and when Custer crosses over the field of danger and releases the Native princess, then it goes into a fully-filmed sex scene.

TS: Full sex scenes? Like a porno?

Evan: Yeah. You got it.

TS: What platform do you expect to allow that?

Evan: Not Sony. (laughs) We’ll get it out there. PC likely. I’m not ruling out censored versions on consoles or other places, but I want our unblemished original out there.

Custers Revenge remake_the splintering_browser

The title screen from the previous attempt at a Custer’s Revenge remake played in your browser

TS: Is this a pretty limited project? Sounds like you’ll only get one or two plays out of it before you’ve seen everything there is to see.

Evan: No! It’s great! We have tons of stages, each with different actresses. There’s 37 stages.

TS: There’s 37 different stages with 37 different sex scenes at the end?

Evan: Yes. You got it. 37 stages. 37 beautiful Native American ladies.

TS: So all of the women in your game are Native Americans?

Evan: If she’s a woman and she’s having sex in our game, she’s Native American. We didn’t insist on a blood test or anything. If they looked the part, we took their word for it.

TS: There’s an Elizabeth Warren joke here, somewhere.

Evan: I’ll let you handle those kind of jokes. I’m trying to sell a game here! (Laughs) Since we’re touching on selling the game, though, I should mention that our plan right now is to release a small sampler of stages and then have people pay for the extra ones. Like 5 free stages, then a buck for each additional stages. Something like that.

TS: So free-to-play?

Evan: Uh-huh. Yes. You’ve got it.

The Splintering_Custers Revenge Remake_screenshot

That, ladies and gentlemen, is a screenshot. It won’t be edited in the game. We added the black bars.

TS: The original Custer’s Revenge wasn’t just controversial because of its explicit theme. Some have criticized the creators of making a “rape” game, particularly due to the women being tied up. Are you concerned about this?

Evan: No, not at all. The original programmer of the first game (Joel Miller) has said multiple times that it wasn’t ever his intent to make the first game any kind of rape game. The benefit of modern technology means that our remake can make it clear that everything is consensual.

TS: Can you give some examples of how you’ll be doing that?

Evan: Yeah, sure. During all of the sex scenes, we had our Native American actresses scream things like “Yes, yes, yes!” or “I want your warm war paint all over my face!” or “Fill me with your seed, white devil!”

TS: Jesus.

Evan: (laughs) Yeah, we gave our actresses a lot of room to improv on their lines. They had lots of fun with it.

TS: So who is the lucky guy getting to play Custer?

Evan: That would be me, sir!

TS: Wow, really?

Evan: I know, right? Damn, I love game development so much!


Evan Benoit plays the role of Custer himself

TS: Is there anything else you’d like to mention before we head off?

Evan: Yeah, so once we’ve finished and released Custer’s Revenge, our next game is The Conquests of Zeus, so we’re already looking to cast some Mediterranean actresses, so if that’s you, just go to the Torrential Games website and send us your information.

TS: That sounds like business-speak for “Dear Mediterranean women, send nudes.”

Evan: (laughs) Yeah. I guess it does, huh?

TS: Didn’t Zeus disguise himself all the time when he was trying to bang ladies in the mythology? Are you going to find a swan to – um -mount these ladies are you?

Evan: Nope! I already have a costume!

TS: Not sure that’s much better.

Evan: It’s better for me!

Leda_Michelangelo_Buonarroti_Zeus_Leda and the Swan_The Splintering

Michaelangelo’s take on “Leda and the Swan” – in which Zeus seduced a young lady while disguised as water fowl

TS: When do you intend to release your version of Custer’s Revenge?

Evan: It should all be done by the end of summer. August, maybe. It could still be later. The video editing process has been slower than I thought at first.

TS: I’ll bet.

(Both laugh)

Thanks to Evan Benoit for taking the time to speak with us, and a big thank to you for reading. To learn more about this new version of Custer’s Revenge, go to the Torrential Games website here.

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