New graphic novel “Super Ninja Terrorist” coming soon to Indiegogo

Independent children’s book creator Hanif al-Fadli (Orange and Green, A Scallop‘s Adventure) is ready to jump into comics, and has been teasing a new graphic novel intended to launch on Indiegogo later this year. Titled Super Ninja Terrorist, the book is a lighthearted fantasy/action story intended to mock religious extremism.

Here’s a breakdown of the Super Ninja Terrorist project according to Fadli.

“Super Ninja Terrorist is kind of a modern Don Quixote. It follows the adventures of a young, radicalized religious zealot named Sayf, who works in a US strip mall at a store called “The Aloha Snackbar.” His shop is sandwiched between two competing eateries, Pizza Al-Duri’s, which is run by Sunni Muslim extremists, and The Pasta of the Martyr Sadr, which is run by Shi’ite extremists.

“Every day, both Pizza Al-Duri’s and The Pasta of the Martyr Sadr pull out all the stops to get the other shut down, while employees from both restaurants go to The Aloha Snackbar in an attempt to recruit young Sayf to their cause, going on and on about how awful their rival restaurant is.

“After hearing nothing but awful things about everyone around him day in and day out, the unexpected end result is that Sayf does become radicalized, but in a way where he sees infidels and apostates everywhere and finds virtually everything to be “haram” (forbidden).

“Sayf soon undertakes a campaign of action against pretty much everything, like Don Quixote seeing dragons in windmills. After a hilarious turn of events, Sayf comes to believe that he can’t be harmed, and becomes even more reckless and emboldened in his campaign to show everyone how “haram” they are.

“Don’t worry. It’s a comedy at heart, taking stabs at extremism, not religion. Sayf will have catch phrases like “Oh, Shi’ite!” and “Let’s get radicalized!” It’s supposed to be tongue-in-cheek.”

Not much else is known about Super Ninja Terrorist, including exactly when Fadli intends to launch the campaign. Fadli mentioned “this year” as his target, but given the nature of his pitch and the quality of the teaser artwork so far, it looks like the Super Ninja Terrorist project is still fairly early in development.

Interested? You can go here to watch Hanif al-Fadli’s livestream where he does some rough sketches of Sayf in “full costume” and discusses the Super Ninja Terrorist project in detail.


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