A terrorist leader is the sole survivor of a global plague in “A Life of Terror”

Independent children’s book creator Hanif al-Fadli (Orange and Green, A Scallop‘s Adventure) is preparing to make a second go at crowdfunding his own comic book set to launch on Indiegogo later this year: A Life of Terror.

Taking place in a post-apocalyptic world, the whole of humanity has been wiped out by a deadly plague. The only survivor is the leader of a large terrorist organization who had been deep in hiding in a remote mountain cave. Timely, right? That’s completely a coincidence, says al-Fadli.

a life of terror_hanif_al_fadli_comic_book_the_splintering

“I wanted to do an examination of life and death from the eyes of a terrorist, so I came up with the idea of a pandemic months ago, well before I’d heard the COVID-19 news coming out of China. The book certainly doesn’t celebrate terrorism in any way, but instead shows how someone so consumed with death would react when death has essentially won. In a way, it’s a story about redemption and the revival of the human soul.”

After failing to garner much interest with Super Ninja Terrorist in 2019, al-Fadli went back to the drawing board to re-examine his prospects for a crowdfunded comic book project. “Despite Super Ninja Terrorist being a comedy,” says al-Fadli, “I don’t think people were ready to see a tongue-in-cheek take on radical Islamic terrorism. That’s why I went with something a bit more serious with A Life of Terror.”


Al-Fadli’s “Super Ninja Terrorist” never got off the ground following backlash

While there are plenty of terrorist leaders to choose from, al-Fadli insists that his main character isn’t expressly based on any single one of them. “Certainly there will be similarities between A Life of Terror‘s main character and – say – a Zawahiri or a Baghdadi, but I’m creating an all-new character and a fictional terrorist organization to go along with it.”

Sounds like a unique project. Interested? You can check out more about Hanif al-Fadli’s A Life of Terror here.



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