Mike S. Miller’s “Lonestar: Soul of the Soldier” hits “Six Figures, Young Lady!”

Over the weekend, the crowdfunding campaign for Mike S. Miller’s Lonestar: Soul of the Soldier graphic novel crossed the $100 thousand threshold in a big way, raising over 12,700% (!) of its goal for a total of approximately $127 thousand… that’s six figures, bitch young lady!

Miller has taken an unconventional approach to the Soul of the Soldier campaign, releasing variant covers on a limited-time basis in an effort to maintain interest in the project. A unique strategy, sure, but with these numbers, it’s hard to argue that it’s had a negative result on sales.

Written and illustrated by Miller, Lonestar is a superhero action/adventure featuring a main character designed as a “star-spangled” hero in the same vein as Wonder Woman or the Fighting American, but in Lonestar’s case, he’s outfitted like a “Captain Texas” version of F-Zero’s Captain Falcon.

The Lonestar: Soul of the Soldier Indiegogo campaign is still open with about 28 days left to buy in.

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