AlphaOmegaSin returns to YouTube to discuss the “Final Fantasy VII Remake” E3 trailer

After a year-long hiatus, the popular gaming commentator known as AlphaOmegaSin has returned to YouTube.

What stirred this potty-mouthed metal head from his self-imposed YouTube slumber? The new E3 trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake. And like any other topic that has historically captured his interest, Alpha had quite a bit to say and not nearly enough Ritalin to stop him from saying it.

In his return video, Alpha gives his thoughts on FF7 Remake’s new combat system, soundtrack, and Square Enix’s new take on Tifa Lockhart’s feminine physique. Go on and give the grand return video below a watch.

Welcome back, Alpha, and naturally, “game the fuck on!”

…I guess it sounds better when he says it….

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