CNN embarrasses itself with big “The Walking Dead” boner

If you still need yet another example of how awful “news” organizations are at doing their jobs, look no further than today’s comic book coverage on CNN, who apparently believes that Marvel must publish every comic out there without a bat in the logo.

As we (accurately) reported yesterday, Image Comics has ended the long-running series The Walking Dead this week after 193 issues. However, the definitely-not-fake-geek-guys-and-gals at CNN chose to tie The Walking Dead‘s conclusion to Marvel’s announcement of a new Marvel Zombies series, incorrectly reporting that Marvel is the publisher of both.

Sure, errors can be made in the j-jour-journalistic (*cough! Almost threw up a little bit there…) process, but how does such an incorrect tee-up for an entire news article get through editorial? It was written as the basis for the whole story, after all.

Since posting the article, CNN has altered the text to correct the error, but not before getting rightfully mocked by people who actually know the industry on which CNN attempted to report.

Pete’s a saint, you know…

If the “professionals” care so little about due diligence or have such a poor understanding of something as simple as comic books, how well can we expect them to “report” on more complicated news? Medicine? Economics? Wars?

These are the people who write our history books.

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