Disney censors “Toy Story 2” twenty years later after nobody asked for it

Disney recently re-released the first three Toy Story movies in conjunction with the theatrical release of Toy Story 4, but the company has decided that one of the jokes from Toy Story 2 was no longer acceptable and that it needed to be censored out.

The removed scene is part of the end credit “blooper reel”, and features the film’s villain Stinky Pete suggestively telling a pair of Barbie dolls that he can help get them roles in the next “Toy Story” movie. When Pete realizes that he is being filmed, he pushes the Barbies away, realizing that he’s been found out.

Does anyone else remember when #MeToo activists were calling for two-decades-old movies to be censored? I seem to recall the movement being about calling attention to Hollywood’s “casting couch” culture in which some actors and actresses trade sexual favors for professional opportunities.

If you pick apart the scene itself, the perpetrator (Pete) is the villain of the movie, and it’s clearly depicted that what he was doing was wrong. That’s the punchline of the joke. It’s a slightly adult joke, but it was still an adult joke in 1999, too.

But that’s the state of entertainment right now. Classic 20-year old movies are being censored after virtually nobody was even asking for it.

Thanks a lot, Harvey Weinstein. Goddammit.

Source: Indie Wire

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