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Hypocrisy much? Sony’s “The Last of Us Part II” to feature nudity, sexual situations while third parties get censored

The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) recently assigned Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Part II an M/17+ Rating. While this was completely expected for a violent zombie apocalypse game, the specific content descriptors indicate that The Last of Us Part II will feature both “Sexual Content” and “Nudity”. This may come as a surprise to those who have followed

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“Mary Skelter 2” cleared for release in Australia fully uncensored

Game publisher Idea Factory has confirmed that their upcoming dungeon crawler title Mary Skelter 2 has been cleared for release in Australia by government’s Classification Board. The game was refused classification- effectively banned – last fall. The best part? According to Idea Factory, nothing in the game had to be altered or censored during the appeal process. Developed by Compile

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Capcom blames “Devil May Cry 5” censorship on European law; are they covering for Sony?

Capcom recently responded to a customer inquiry regarding the censorship of Devil May Cry V, indicating that a brief glimpse of Trish’s posterior censored in the PS4 version of the game due to restrictions imposed by European law. A “day one” patch added a garish purple lens flare to about two seconds of a non-interactive cutscene, though the censorship was

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DC Comics bends the knee to China, censors “The Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child” promo art

Late last week, DC Comics deleted promotional images from its social media pages after Chinese backlash. The image in question is artwork by Rafael Grampá for Frank Miller’s upcoming graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child, which is scheduled for release on 11 December. The image (which you can see below) displays a young hero of the “bat”

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Nearly 30 years later, “Wolfenstein 3D” unbanned in Germany

Originally released in 1992, id Software’s Wolfenstein 3D pushed the first-person shooter genre into the mainstream, pacing the way for Doom, Quake, and many other FPS titles that followed. And if you live in Germany, your government has prevented you from playing Wolfenstein 3D until now. For those unaware, Wolfenstein 3D is a World War II shooter which takes place

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Coffin Comics’ “Hellwitch: the Forsaken” graphic novel “banned” by printer

Over the weekend, Coffin Comics founder and Lady Death creator Brian Pulido announced that their upcoming graphic novel Hellwitch: the Forsaken has been unceremoniously dropped by their printer. According to Pulido, the printing company took issue with some of the mature imagery in the book, and requested that Coffin Comics & Co. either revise it or remove it altogether. Pulido

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