Coffin Comics’ “Hellwitch: the Forsaken” graphic novel “banned” by printer

Over the weekend, Coffin Comics founder and Lady Death creator Brian Pulido announced that their upcoming graphic novel Hellwitch: the Forsaken has been unceremoniously dropped by their printer. According to Pulido, the printing company took issue with some of the mature imagery in the book, and requested that Coffin Comics & Co. either revise it or remove it altogether. Pulido refused. (Good on you, sir!)

For those familiar with Coffin Comics and their Lady Death universe, this may seem like an odd situation. Coffin books are frequently adult-oriented, chock full of mature themes including sex, the occult, and extreme violence, so why the printing company chose to push for artistic changes now is a question only they can answer.

Pulido insisted that the printer’s decision will not impact the book’s completion or delivery, and while “banned” may be a strong word for the exchange, it’s the word that Pulido himself used in the announcement, which you can watch below.

You can still support the Hellwitch: the Forsaken crowdfunding campaign here.

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