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Ashcan Comics Pub. launches “Flash Fiction Force” crowdfunding campaign

Ashcan Comics Pub. (aka ACP Studios) has launched a crowdfunding campaign for Flash Fiction Force Anthology – Year One, a 120-page, black and white book featuring a combination of prose fiction, comics, and artwork featuring contributions from more than twenty indie creators for a total of thirty separate stories. Here’s the pitch taken from the Flash Fiction Force Anthology crowdfunding

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Coffin Comics’ “Hellwitch: the Forsaken” graphic novel “banned” by printer

Over the weekend, Coffin Comics founder and Lady Death creator Brian Pulido announced that their upcoming graphic novel Hellwitch: the Forsaken has been unceremoniously dropped by their printer. According to Pulido, the printing company took issue with some of the mature imagery in the book, and requested that Coffin Comics & Co. either revise it or remove it altogether. Pulido

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Billy Tucci’s “Shi” returns after 15 years thanks to Indiegogo

On Thursday, celebrated comic book creator Billy Tucci (Billy Fucking Tucci to his friends) launched a crowdfunding campaign for Shi: Return of the Warrior. Shi was a best-selling staple of the 90s comic book industry, and Return of the Warrior is a 48-page revival written and illustrated by Tucci himself, who is joined by co-writer Steven Peros, co-artist Ricardo Silva,

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Coffin Comics’ “Hellwitch: the Forsaken” has come for your soul- and your wallet!

Overnight, the crowdfunding campaign for Coffin Comics’ latest supernatural fantasy book Hellwitch: The Forsaken #1 went live on Kickstarter, and has already raised more than $100 thousand bucks. Hellwitch: the Forsaken is a 48-page graphic novel written by Brian Pulido and Mike MacLean, and featuring illustrations by Diego Bernard and colors by Cici De La Cruz. Part of Coffin Comics’

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Preview: Torian Tarrant’s “Catalyst”

In July, indepedent comic book creator and Tyrant Creative Media founder Torian Tarrant launched a crowdfunding campaign for Catalyst, a new comic book described as “an international spy action set in the world of an urban crime/drama.” Written by Tarrant and featuring illustrations by Von Randal, colors by Paris Alleyne and letters by Matias Zanetti, the first issue of Catalyst

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Brian Pulido’s “Lady Death: Blasphemy Anthem” is live; reaps nearly $200K on day 1

On Wednesday, Coffin Comics launched a crowdfunding campaign for Lady Death: Blasphemy Anthem, the latest double-sized comic book in the Lady Death series. At the time of this writing, the project has already raised roughly $190 thousand dollars in less than 24 hours. Blasphemy Anthem is co-written by Lady Death creator Brian Pulido and Mike MacLean, and features illustrations by

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