Billy Tucci’s “Shi” returns after 15 years thanks to Indiegogo

On Thursday, celebrated comic book creator Billy Tucci (Billy Fucking Tucci to his friends) launched a crowdfunding campaign for Shi: Return of the Warrior. Shi was a best-selling staple of the 90s comic book industry, and Return of the Warrior is a 48-page revival written and illustrated by Tucci himself, who is joined by co-writer Steven Peros, co-artist Ricardo Silva, colorist Brian Miller. The project was fully funded on day one. Billy Fucking Tucci, indeed.

Here’s the very extensive plot summary taken from the Shi: Return of the Warrior Indiegogo campaign page.

Crusade Comics is so excited to bring you the debut crowdfunding campaign for our all new 48-page graphic novel Shi: Return of the Warrior!

In this story over a quarter century in the making we now find our heroine Ana Ishikawa 15 years removed from when she last graced the pages of a comic book. Ana is divorced from her husband, disgraced NYPD detective Peter DeNyse and now lives a peaceful, quiet exitance raising their teenage daughter Hotaru.

Most importantly, her warrior days far behind her…

But that all changes when Dr. YOU (a character that will be named after one of our backers via a special pledge level) brings the terrifying news that Masahiro Arashi has escaped from a New York City Mental Institution. Her former antagonist, now suffering from dementia has regressed back to his younger more violent self and is vengefully obsessed with the one person responsible for his incarcerated existence… Ana Ishikawa!

Manhattan is once again gripped in fear as a series of gruesome copycat Shi Killings resurface – with the order of victims proving ever closer to Ana. A desperate Ana must now, alongside Dr. You, seek out and stop Arashi before he can fulfill his murderous destiny… a destiny whose road ends with her own daughter Hotaru.

As Doctor You and Ana get ever closer, he confesses to her of Arashi’s twisted and dangerous obsession with the young Ana’s secret warrior persona, SHI, the living embodiment of death.

Worse still, the maddened Arashi is convinced that everyone: nurses, orderlies, janitors and especially the man treating him is in love with the lithe mistress of the underworld (Yomi).

Ana is mortified that the doctor is fully aware that she is indeed a murderess and knows that if ever exposed would rightly be the end of her world. But You assures her secret is safe and even though his own life is in danger, he promises to take it (due to both professional and personal reasons) “to the grave.”

But the grave just might be waiting for them all. For Ana will realize that measured acumen only goes so far in protecting those you love and, once again, the lioness within Ana will resurface to take up her trusted naginata, transform the hunted into the hunter, and unsheathe… The Return of the Warrior.

So join us for the first new Shi graphic novel in 15 years … A story in which a comic book character has grown up in real time. .. A story that is literally 25 years in the making and one we hope you will love reading as much as we have loved making.

Thank you… #SHISBACK!

Billy Tucci

Billy F. Tucci


Backers can get a digital version of Shi: Return of the Warrior for $10, while physical copies of the book start at $25. If you’re looking to pick up more swag, there are also options which include multiple copies of the book, commemorative coins, poster prints, t-shirts, original art, a digital edition of the original Shi comics from the 90s, and several variant covers featuring artwork by Tucci, Paul Mounts, Wes Hartman, Conny Valentina, Mike Renzine, Amanda Connor, Conny Valentina, and legendary comic book illustrator George Perez.

Interested? You can check out some sample artwork below or visit the full Shi: Return of the Warrior Indiegogo campaign page here. Oh, you can also back the project on Kickstarter. Feh!

Amazing Spider-Man #301 homage variant cover

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