Ashcan Comics Pub. launches “Flash Fiction Force” crowdfunding campaign

Ashcan Comics Pub. (aka ACP Studios) has launched a crowdfunding campaign for Flash Fiction Force Anthology – Year One, a 120-page, black and white book featuring a combination of prose fiction, comics, and artwork featuring contributions from more than twenty indie creators for a total of thirty separate stories.

Here’s the pitch taken from the Flash Fiction Force Anthology crowdfunding page:

Ashcan Comics Pub. (ACP Studios) produced art and story anthologies throughout 2019.  We compiled the BEST of the BEST – 120 pages of jam-packed content! YEAR ONE is our first Flash Fiction Force Anthology. This is a Kickstarter exclusive!

Backers can get a physical copy of Flash Fiction Force for $25. Those with more cash to spend can get a few extra bonuses, including an original sketch, your name on the credits page, and a sponsorship of an ACP care package sent to one of several comic book retailers.

Founded by Nate Lindley in December 2018, ACP Studios is an independent comic book publishing house which has consistently delivered “ashcan”-sized (5″x7.5″) books from dozens of creators on a monthly basis.

Still on the fence? We recently reviewed ACP’s horror anthology Old School Monsters, which you can check out here. In addition, ACP posts all of their books to the ACP website for free, so you can preview the content included with Flash Fiction Force before you throw down your cash (click here to do just that). Otherwise, you can check out some sample artwork below or visit the full Flash Fiction Force Anthology – Year One crowdfunding page here.

Art by Bruce Patnaude

Art by Mark Pate

Art by Jacob Gratchyk

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