Crowdfunding Review: Mike Allred’s Madman Action Yo-Yos Fun Pack (Jolly Jinglings Special)

Welcome to a special Jolly Jinglings edition of crowdfunding reviews. Since nothing speaks to the spirit of the season like toys, today we’ll be reviewing Mike Allred’s Madman Action Yo-Yo’s Fun Pack!  For those of you not familiar with the crowdfunding review format, we grade a crowdfunding campaign on four distinct categories:

  • Product Content and Quality
  • Communication and Fulfillment
  • Packaging and Shipping
  • Stretch Goals and Bonuses

With Mike Allred’s Madman Action Yo-Yo’s Fun Pack I backed the basic tier that included one Madman Yo-Yo and a pack of nine trading cards.  This campaign was exclusive to Kickstarter.  So how fun was this “fun” pack? 

A Quick View of Everything Received with the Basic Tier

Product Content and Quality

The main yo-yo by YoYoPlay had a nice weight and feel to it.  It’s definitely solid and well manufactured.  The colors are bold and both the design and logo are sharp.  The string feels sturdy, and overall, the yo-yo has a quality feel to it. 

The cards are standard quality, no holograms or foil, just strait-laced trading cards.  Their backs are a bit dull, but overall, what you’d expect from a trading card.  They did come in a paper slip box which was a nice touch. 

Overall, I think the backer received the item exactly as advertised.    

Grade: B

The Main Items Included in the Basic Tier

Communication and Fulfillment

I pledged to this campaign in September 2020 and had it delivered in October 2020.  That’s a one-month turnaround time.  That’s amazing. 

The creator posted numerous updates on his campaign page and did answer questions in the comments section.  He was continuously engaging his backers and even posted video updates on YouTube with links in his Kickstarter. 

Grade: A-

Packaging and Shipping

I saw a post that items in my tier were being shipped but never received a tracking number when my item was sent.  I like tracking my packages, and wish I’d have been supplied with a tracking number. 

My package was upgraded to Priority Mail shipping at the cost of the shipper, which was very much appreciated.  A standard Priority Mail Small Flat Rate box was used with minimal packing protection. Outside of the box, the only other packing contents was a strip of packing foam laid across the top to create a flat seal for the box.

Simple things like putting a plastic bag around the entire contents of the package within the box would have prevented any moisture damage.  Still, with the exception of a slight crease in an oversized 3D postcard, my items arrived in mint condition. 

Grade: B

Items Shipped Priority but with Minimal Protection

Stretch Goals and Bonuses

This was the highlight of this campaign.  I didn’t purposely save the best for last.  This is just the order in which we list our categories.  I received all of the following stretch goals and bonuses:

  • Five bonus Yo-Yos.  All bonus yo-yos were by Duncan ProYo (made of a lighter plastic than the featured item).  They included: (1) ’90s Madman, (2) Oddity Odyssey Madman, (3) X-Ray Robot, (4) It Girl, and (5) Mr. Gum
  • Madman keychain
  • Madman Yo-Yo sticker
  • Madman Adventures trading card on old school Kraft cardstock
  • Two 1 ¼” Madman buttons
  • X-Ray Robot 3D oversized postcard with accompanying 3D glasses
  • Madmaniverse Logo Sticker
  • Bonus Spirit Trading Card

Getting five extra yo-yos when you were expecting one is incredible. Their colors and designs were really bright and vibrant.  The other stretch goals items were okay.  The 3D post card and glasses were really fun, and I appreciated the extra trading cards. The keychain was cheaply made and even arrived disassembled, but all of that is minor compared to the beautiful quality of those bonus yo-yos. 

Grade: A

A Treasure Trove of Stretch Goals and Bonus Items

I had fun with this Fun Pack!  I am a Mike Allred fan, and this whimsical campaign just seemed to suit his sensibilities.  I don’t think I’ll be shopping for any more crowdfunding yo-yo campaigns, but as a one-time splurge, this was a win.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go attempt an “around-the-world.”

Overall Grade: B+

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