Coffin Comics’ “Hellwitch: the Forsaken” has come for your soul- and your wallet!

Overnight, the crowdfunding campaign for Coffin Comics’ latest supernatural fantasy book Hellwitch: The Forsaken #1 went live on Kickstarter, and has already raised more than $100 thousand bucks. Hellwitch: the Forsaken is a 48-page graphic novel written by Brian Pulido and Mike MacLean, and featuring illustrations by Diego Bernard and colors by Cici De La Cruz.

Part of Coffin Comics’ larger Lady Death universe, The Forsaken is the second story featuring Hellwitch as its main protagonist, following Hellwitch: Hellbourne which was successfully crowdfunded in 2018. As is the case with all book under the Coffin Comics brand, Hellwitch is a bloody, sexy time intended exclusively for a mature audience.

But what is The Forsaken all about? Here’s a plot summary taken from the project’s crowdfunding campaign page:

Backers can get a digital version of Hellwitch for $6. For those looking for a physical copy of the full graphic novel, there are tons of options starting at $26, including several variant covers, hardback upgrades, a holo-foil edition, and bundles with previous Coffin Comics books. There are also tiers which include t-shirts, prints, and a “metallicard” set.

As is typical of Coffin Comics’ crowdfunding campaigns, there is a buxom set of bonuses available as both add-on purchases and stretch goals (many already unlocked) for those who purchase physical copies. These include a sticker, magnet, commemorative card, a foil-enhanced logo, and an extra black & white edition of the book.

Feeling the Hellwitch burn? You can check out some sample artwork below or visit the full Hellwitch: Hellbourne crowdfunding campaign page here.

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