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Brian Pulido’s “Lady Death: Blasphemy Anthem” is live; reaps nearly $200K on day 1

On Wednesday, Coffin Comics launched a crowdfunding campaign for Lady Death: Blasphemy Anthem, the latest double-sized comic book in the Lady Death series. At the time of this writing, the project has already raised roughly $190 thousand dollars in less than 24 hours. Blasphemy Anthem is co-written by Lady Death creator Brian Pulido and Mike MacLean, and features illustrations by

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“Lady Death: Scorched Earth” crowdfunding campaign fully funded on day 1

On Wednesday, Coffin Comics’ latest crowdfunding campaign for Lady Death: Scorched Earth launched on Kickstarter, and much like previous Lady Death campaigns, it became an instant success raising more than $170 thousand in the first twelve hours. This type of success has become a regular occurrence for Coffin Comics and Lady Death creator, Brian Pulido. Since moving to a crowdfunding

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Brian Pulido’s “Hellwitch: Hellbourne” is burning up on Kickstarter

This week, the latest project from Coffin Comics, Hellwitch: Hellbourne, launched via Kickstarter, and it is kicking ass. This brand new title character is the latest sexy brainchild of Brian Pulido, the creator of both Lady Death and La Muerta. Hellwitch is a 48-page graphic novel written by Brian Pulido and Mike MacLean, and featuring illustrations by Diego Bernard and

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