Noose Spray Item Censored from “Overwatch” in Latest Patch

Blizzard has removed McCree’s “noose spray” in the latest patch for Overwatch. The noose spray has instead been replaced by “bad luck spray”, which is represented by a horseshoe. The patch notes make no specific reference to the change.

Once an unlockable cosmetic item found in loot boxes, McCree’s noose spray was almost certainly removed due to its association with “lynching”, a mob-justice practice of executing an individual without trial. Historically, those targeted for lynchings have been political dissidents, immigrants – and very prominently – African Americans in the post-Reconstruction South.

The rope got the axe

This is yet another example of a game developer using an online patch to censor a game well after consumers have purchased it, in this case, four years after its release.

Do you agree with the change? Do you have thoughts on game developers using online patches to censor content post-release? Let us know in the comments!

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