“R-Type Final 2” DLC Censored on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation Platforms

It looks like a boss fight from Granzella’s R-Type Final 2 won’t be making the trip out of Japan unscathed, at least not on PS4 and Nintendo Switch, anyway.

According to Censored Gaming, the final boss in stage Y 1.0 in DLC set 4 will be “modified”, almost certainly due to the creature having an appendage that resembles a massive cock phallus.

The changes will apply to the North American release on PS4, and both the North American and European release on Switch. So far, the content looks to be uncut (*snick!*) on PC, SeXbox and Xbone, worldwide.

Pfft! It’s not THAT big…

While Sony has been swinging a censorship hammer at virtually anything coming out of Japan over the past couple of years, this is slightly surprising coming from Nintendo, who has taken a much lighter approach to content moderation on the Switch.

The full extent of the changes are currently unknown, and at least the boss fight is in a DLC pack rather than the main game, for whatever that’s worth. Here’s hoping that they just change the colors to green and blue, or something like that. Blue- like Dr. Manhattan, you know?

Source: Censored Gaming

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