Capcom blames “Devil May Cry 5” censorship on European law; are they covering for Sony?

Capcom recently responded to a customer inquiry regarding the censorship of Devil May Cry V, indicating that a brief glimpse of Trish’s posterior censored in the PS4 version of the game due to restrictions imposed by European law. A “day one” patch added a garish purple lens flare to about two seconds of a non-interactive cutscene, though the censorship was removed from the North American version of the game by a subsequent patch.

Here’s the response from Capcom:

“We are happy to know that you want to buy this game, but unfortunately [the censorship] is due to the European Community legislation which prohibits marketing for this type of content in all of the members countries […]”

However, what this response fails to explain is why only the PS4 version of the game is censored, while European releases on Xbox One and PC remain uncensored similar to the U.S. and Japanese versions.

It was originally believed that Devil May Cry V was censored on PS4 due to a recent censorious turn by Sony. Because Capcom’s statement doesn’t address the difference between platforms, it’s possible that DMCV was still censored at Sony’s insistence, with European law providing the rationale Sony needed to make it happen. Fortunately for North American gamers, the absence of similar legislation in North American markets left Sony without an excuse, and Capcom reverted the cutscene to its intended form with the later patch. This is speculation, but the explanation that Capcom independently chose to censor only the PS4 version of DMCV to comply with EU censorship laws doesn’t hold up.

What do you think? Were European PS4 owners denied a glimpse of Trish’s bare derrière because of Sony’s censorship regime, or did Capcom make this decision all on their own, and applied their logic to only one platform?

Source: One Angry Gamer

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