The butt is back! Latest “Devil May Cry V” patch reverses PS4 censorship

Last month, an update patch exclusive to the PS4 version of Devil May Cry V Thanos-snapped” away Trish’s nude posterior in one of the game’s cutscenes. Now, a heroic avenger at Capcom has heard gamers’ cries for justice, and reversed the snap with yet another gameplay patch for the North American version of the game.

Hail, conquering hero! We shall fap in thy name!

Seriously though, if you’ve been following our coverage of Devil May Cry V and several other PS4 titles here on The Splintering, you already know that several Japanese-developed games have been hit hard by Sony’s new censorship hammer. While most of the other games censored by Sony were low-profile, perhaps the blowback from censoring a triple-A title like DMCV was too much for Sony not to take notice. Maybe they could simply stop censoring mature-rated Japanese titles altogether?

It should be noted that this latest patch applies only to the North American version of the game, while the Asian releases were never censored in the first place. Sorry, Europe. You’ll have to get your brief, 2-second glimpses of a bare female behind somewhere else… It’s still verboten in Devil May Cry V for now.

Source: Censored Gaming


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