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The original “Devil May Cry” coming to Nintendo Switch

Capcom recently announced that the original Devil May Cry is coming this summer to the Nintendo Switch. It’s difficult to gauge the impact of this announcement as details are scant at the moment. After all, it’s quite possible that the Nintendo Switch version of DMC will be little more than a simple standalone port of the game included in the

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The butt is back! Latest “Devil May Cry V” patch reverses PS4 censorship

Last month, an update patch exclusive to the PS4 version of Devil May Cry V “Thanos-snapped” away Trish’s nude posterior in one of the game’s cutscenes. Now, a heroic avenger at Capcom has heard gamers’ cries for justice, and reversed the snap with yet another gameplay patch for the North American version of the game. Hail, conquering hero! We shall

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