The original “Devil May Cry” coming to Nintendo Switch

Capcom recently announced that the original Devil May Cry is coming this summer to the Nintendo Switch.

It’s difficult to gauge the impact of this announcement as details are scant at the moment. After all, it’s quite possible that the Nintendo Switch version of DMC will be little more than a simple standalone port of the game included in the Devil May Cry Collection on both PlayStation and Xbox platforms. Still, this is the first time that any game in the DMC series will be available on a Nintendo system, so true-blue Nintendo fans will finally have their patience rewarded 18 years after the game’s initial 2001 release on PS2.

If the price is right, who knows? Switch owners could embrace the stylish action of DMC with open arms, and Capcom may choose to port later installments in the series over to Nintendo’s hybrid console.

Dante for Smash?

Source: Niche Gamer

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