“Mass Effect Legendary Edition” Censored According to Developers

Publisher Electronic Arts finally unveiled the first official trailer for Mass Effect Legendary Edition, a remastered edition of the original Mass Effect trilogy that undoubtedly hopes to wash away the bad taste left behind by Mass Effect Andromeda and Anthem.

In a recent interview with Metro, members of the MELE development team discussed their approach to updating the games for modern platforms. According to the developers, efforts are being made to smooth out the gameplay experience across all three games. These tweaks include updating animations and unifying the control scheme. The team noted that a great deal of care is being taken to respect the artistic integrity of the original trilogy… but there’s an exception.

According to Legendary Edition project director Mac Walters:

“Kevin (character and environment director Kevin Meek) actually called out some camera cuts that were just… why was that focusing on Miranda’s butt? So in some cases we said, ‘Okay, we can make a change there’. But ultimately, to change an entire character model or something like that wasn’t really… it was a decision that was made as part of many creative decisions and just showing it at the best possible fidelity that we could going forward is really the choice for all of the art that we had.”

Genetically modified to be the perfect woman, Miranda Lawson was a character at least partially defined by her sex appeal

Mass Effect was always a Mature-rated series. In addition to adult language and a healthy level of violence, the original releases of the games were heralded for pushing the boundaries of gaming at the time with interspecies/homosexual relationships and some rather steamy sex scenes. In that respect, it’s odd that something as PG (PG13 at best) as a sexy camera angle would be enough for the current development team to abandon the original vision. However, the team did mention that character designs would not be altered (i.e. EDI), and there’s not been any indication that any gameplay elements have been removed outright due to the same West Coast moral sensibilities.

In any case, it seems that the current team’s dedication to honoring the original developers’ work only goes so far. To be fair, there’s likely very few members of the original development team left at BioWare. It has been a decade since Mass Effect 3, after all.

Do these changes affect your enthusiasm for the Legendary Edition? If so, hang on to those original releases, folks.

Source: Metro (thanks to GamesNosh for the tip)

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  • What BioWare is today is the equivalent to what is left in the toilet bowl after someone with actual talent takes a dump, or someone without talent. They can’t make any good games themselves anymore but they have the ego to edit one of if not the most legendary game their studio has ever produced? Wow…that’s mind blowing.

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    • Yours was put far better than mine.
      That’s a fair point you bring up. I would say it is disputably their most legendary series they have maybe only rivaled by Star wars knights of the old republic. So an adult game has too long of a pause on someone’s butt and that’s too much? It was literally a Sci-Fi space Opera. It’s going to have sex and aliens. I would go as far as to say the Mass effect series of the original should be nominated for one of the greatest sci-fi game series to exist.

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  • A gamer from the 90's

    BioWare is definitely a hollow shell of the franchises that made their name a household one. I guess we should start going ultra conservative about how women show too much skin on TV then. Need to start putting sensor bars on everything that’s not edited out.

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  • Not getting this if it’s true. I wish these snowflake people would leave the planet and form their sterile, pointless and disgusting “culture” somewhere else. Humanity does not need this woke bs, it’s never about productivity, just negativity.


    • Agreed, it’s intolerable at this point. Then again, what do you expect from a game developer that allowed Anita Sarkeesian in through their front door?


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  • Glad I read this..now I KNOW I’m not getting this


  • So the real question is “Will this actually make the game better and/or help it sell copies?” And I think we all know the answer is no and will actually hurt sales, maybe not to a large degree but more than if they had left things well enough alone.

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  • Guys, stop being weird incels. Stop trying to claim this as part of a culture war and using performative faux-anger to claim that this is a reason that you won’t buy it. Be honest, you’re just horny for her and you have trouble viewing women as anything other than sex objects. All the camera angles focusing on her arse were weird and jarring at the time and it was something that was in need of changing. But don’t worry, all the female characters will still be wearing tight outfits and will flirt and sex you up. Calm yourselves.


    • Right, so this is the same tired and pedantic argument we see every time one of these kinds of stories pops up. We get it, you’re an ally. Now tip your fedora and simp along after m’lady,

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      • Haha, I’m a fedora-wearing simp because *checks notes* I’m not threatening to boycott a game over a change in camera angle that will prevent me from getting a close-up view of a computer-generated woman’s arse? Also, you may want to check the meaning of all those buzzwords that you are regurgitating from other people because you clearly used ‘pedantic’ incorrectly.


      • The irony of Lefty Lee’s gaslighting here is that the Woke are juuuuuuust fine with a video like Cardi B’s WAP, which is about the most misogynist and sexist thing I’ve ever seen. Nothing says “girl power” like making a harlot out of yourself and showing off your arse on camera in sexually suggestive dance moves, only to get cheered by EVERY Leftist news source from here to the moon.

        A butt in a video game though? NO! That’s TOO far! You crossed the line!

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    • Pedantic, Meriam-Webster: Unimaginative, dull. I’d say I used it perfectly, and it’s not a buzzword, it’s basic English. And allow me to use your logic on your own original comment. ‘Haha, they’re weird incels because *checks notes*(so original, not regurgitated at all by the way) they don’t want to spend money on a product that has been altered for political/ideological/cultural reasons rather than technical ones.’ No one is lusting after brief cutscenes in a video game, they have porn if they can’t get laid. But you have no problem straw-manning their side of things and condescending down to them, do you? As I said, “tired and pedantic.” Good luck in life.

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      • Oh dear, you’ve manipulated the definition to suit your misuse of the word. Pedantic when used as ‘unimaginative’ or ‘dull’ means it formulaic or precise. Just so we’re on the same page, the ‘political/ideological/cultural’ change that you are referring to is losing the ability to perve on a computer-generated arse, yeah?


      • What’s interesting about these Wokescolds is their inability to see their own self-loathing and obsessions. It’s why they see sexism, racism, misogyny, homophobia, insert-your-favorite-tired-and-cliched-buzz-word-here, because THEY are the ones dwelling on it. It’s why you see them point at something and scream “RACISM!!” when there’s no actual racism there. They’re the ones seeing it, which means THEY are the racists. Same with stuff like this. “It’s not misogyny to want to censor a butt, guys!” Well….you’re the one who took notice of it and saw fit to point it out. What’s the matter? Can’t you respect women? Why are you staring at her butt so much?

        It all boils down to the reality of the Church of Woke, and their delirious, hapless nonsense – they need something to scream and yell about. They need to be offended, and if there’s nothing to be offended about on Monday morning, they will invent something to be offended about. Then, when they expend so much energy and resources on being offended at this particular thing, they then say stuff like “it’s just a camera angle, guys!” Gaslighting 🙂

        I can’t imagine why people are rejecting these intellectual infants and their pathetic SJW cause; hopeless as it is.

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    • It has nothing to do with what they decided to censor, it is the fact that decided to censor the game for their own sensibilities instead doing a faithful remaster, does it change the gameplay – no. does it alter the spirit of the game -yes. Because of this what other little things did the decide to change or alter to their own tastes instead of the people who created one of the most beloved scifi games ever. will you enjoy their game when its a bastardization of the original. did you enjoy their last attempt to alter the spin off to their tastes. this is not mass effect its their interpterion of the mass effect now


    • Notice the methodology at work by Lefty Lee, here 🙂 It’s practically a signature among his kind at this point.

      1) Anyone who disagrees with me is
      2) Gaslight till the cows come home (i.e. – there’s no culture war, guys! Stop!)
      3) Double down on the Ad Hominem tactics (why are you such a misogynist?)
      4) Make the entire thing seem like it’s not a big deal (i.e. “We’re only trying to censor something because it’s driving us absolutely crazy with anger, but why are you guys getting upset about it?)

      Classic 🙂 No wonder nobody takes the Left seriously. To reiterate, these idiots are the ones trying to censor something, then ask why everyone is making a big deal out of it. Well…..obviously you thought it was a big deal, since you’re trying to change it. Don’t bring that up, though! The Woke can’t defend their argument, so let’s all just SHUT UP, guys! Don’t you see you’re scaring Lee? He doesn’t feel safe right now. Speech is violence, or something! 😛

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    • Are u sjw scrubs whore


  • As an actual woman who plays games I will not be getting this remaster now. I had a bad feeling they were going to censor this series, because god forbid women be feminine, and sexy, with gorgeous curves. Nope you can’t have that because it offends brainwashed, self hating leftist women who go out of their way to look as unattractive and manly as possible because being feminine is bad in their deranged eyes. It’s even sadder that leftist men, who claim to be straight, don’t like feminine women either. I’m done dealing with this woke deranged trash infecting the gaming industry. It’s literally destroying everything good and fun, and I refuse to support it in any way.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Penny, have they made the women more masculine, less sexy and reduced the curves? No. In fact, by improving the textures of the characters it will emphasise their looks. They just changed a few camera angles. That’s it. And if you’re ‘done dealing with this woke deranged trash infecting the gaming industry’ how on earth did you ever manage to make it through a Bioware game? Unless it’s more of a case that you’ve being brainwashed within the past 13 years to make everything into a culture war and get angry over pointless crap like a change in camera angle?


      • You can shill all you want, you won’t change even a single mind with your bad trolling, snowflake!
        Did you honestly think you could change somebody’s opinion about this censored crapfest with your lame trolling?! Cute… xD


      • Jules Winnfield,

        Snowflake? SNOWFLAKE??? It’s you lot that are crying like little kids over a minor change to a camera angle. Hahahahahaha!!! And no, what you’ll find that I was doing was having conversations, not trolling. But obviously the circle-jerk in here is so bad, you can’t handle an opinion that differs from your precious little safe space. Bless.


    • This is the same argument for the new woke James Bond film. “We’re updating Bond for a more modern climate.” Ummmm, seriously? Really? Because he’s a bad boy secret agent who seduces and sleeps with a lot of women? Last I checked, women who went and saw the 007 films did so BECAUSE they thought that was pretty sexy. It’s something a lot of women find appealing, even if it’s just at the fantasy level.

      But no, let’s take that away “cuz’ the patriarchy.” The Left’s obsession with de-feminizing everything is astonishing to watch. The argument from their side is twofold.

      1) Women are victims of misogyny by patriarchal males down through history
      2) Males and Females are just social constructs. They don’t actually exist.

      Only the deranged and dimwitted could possibly hold two diametrically opposing viewpoints at the same time. When you point this out, they switch to….”You’re just (insert preferred ‘cist’ word HERE).” The backlash against this ridiculous movement is going to be Biblical, and I’m going to enjoy it VERY much when collective society gives the Woke the middle finger and leaves them to their own unhealthy obsessions. Then they can scream, and screech and yell about the racism and sexism in their Count Chocula serial, while the sane and rational among us can get back to living in an adult world that hasn’t been taken hostage by children who should have been sent to bed without supper.

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  • Alas, Lee, you’re missing the point. Honestly, it’s more than just a Camara angle. I could care less about that, but if they changed something so miniscule who’s to say they didn’t change the 100 other little things that made these games so great on previous generations. Of course, considering this situation, they’re not going to mention it. It is truly saddening indeed. As someone mentioned, why mess with what was a good thing.


    • It’s a remaster, they’re changing lots of things to improve the game for those that want it. Honestly, if you think a scene of Miranda revealing that she needs to save her sister from her abusive dad whilst Miranda’s arse takes up a quarter of the screen is an element of what made the games great and can’t be improved then honestly I don’t know what to say. The negative culture war comments on here, claiming that it is apparently ‘woke’ to think that the camera shouldn’t be focused on an arse in such a conversation, that I think is what is truly saddening.


      • No, what’s saddening is that this was considered fine just a few years ago, yet in our Woke climate that you seem to insinuate doesn’t exist, all of a sudden it’s the end of the world. Let’s flip your logic around on you. If it’s “just a camera angle” and it’s not a big deal, then…..no need to change it…….RIGHT? Before making an argument, try to examine it from both sides, which you clearly didn’t do. If the developers wanted to change this on the first go-round, nobody would have cared. The fact that they’re changing it NOW, and openly talking about it on social media in order to virtue-signal, is pathetic, pretentious and irritating. We’re sick and tired of listening to the extreme-radical Left and the Church of Woke cram down their oppressive nonsense on the rest of us. Society hasn’t gotten better since they showed up. It’s gotten ONE HUNDRED times worse.

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  • Lee your a hopeless case point everyone is trying to make that censorship is never ok period NEVER!!! Especially on a game that is M for Mature!

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    • If you say so, Claire. As you’re so against any censorship I’m sure you’ll be advocating for Jack and Jacob to be reinstated as bisexual again too? And as you don’t like changes to the game I’m sure you’ll be angry if they use the Extended ME3 Ending instead of the original, right? And so god help you if they make any bug-fixes that weren’t in the original games, or improve the physics of the Mako. And you’ll be raging if they censor the original textures and replace them with new ones! It’s just never okay, is it, Claire? Period.


      • Another LAUGHABLY bad comment 🙂 First…nobody would mind if the bisexual options were included. Second, they’re sticking with the original ending. Third, nobody said A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G about being annoyed by bug fixes, cuz’ that’s not a thing. Fourth, nobody liked the Mako. Literally, not a single person on Earth that has ever played the game. Fifth, remasters are designed with enhanced textures in mind.

        What a load of non-sequiturs! Face it, you’re alone on this. While you sit there telling everyone that it’s “just a camera angle,” we’re telling you “it’s just a butt.” Difference is, we aren’t virtue-signaling just to stroke off in front of the mirror later and pat ourselves on the back for being a good little social justice warrior.

        Reply at your own peril. I can make you look dumb ALL day long. TRUST me.

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      • Oh dear, Slade. First off, the sexual orientation of those characters were changed in production due to pressure from right-wing groups, so quite obviously this is something that bothers people and this is after the right-wing campaign, led by Fox News, that wanted to censor the sex scenes in ME1. I brought this comment into the conversation due to comments about it being censorship to change anything from the original games and I wanted to know if it extended to changes made during production too.

        Secondly, they aren’t using the original ending, they’re using the Extended Ending (great job at making me look dumb there). The Extended Ending was created after the game was made due to public criticism of the original cut, which sounds an awful lot like the topic of conversation now. So again, I was looking to gauge just how this cry of ‘censorship’ goes when it comes to improving the game.

        Thirdly, fourthly, and fifthly, those points were again to highlight those commentators on here that are decrying any change in the game. I’m surprised someone with such self-proclaimed intelligence missed such an obvious point.

        As to another point that you made in another post, this scene (and other focuses on her arse) was commentated on at the time, with people thinking it was odd and jarring. It was later revealed that it was disputed among staff during its production too. I’m starting to wonder if you know anything about these games.

        Now you’ll excuse me if I don’t feel like responding to all your odd rants about ‘wokeness’ and whatnot, but a mere glance at them brought up these quotes:

        ‘they need something to scream and yell about’


        ‘Then they can scream, and screech […] while the sane and rational among us can get back to living in an adult world that hasn’t been taken hostage by children who should have been sent to bed without supper’.

        Sorry, but aren’t you all losing your shit over a change in camera angle? Haven’t you just posted various numerous posts on this to let everyone know just how angry you are about this and ‘the Church of Woke’? I’m not sure that is as ‘sane and rational’ as you think it is.


      • I liked the Mako…


  • Looks like bio ware is gonna be going out of business really soon with this stupid censored shit to feed a stupid ass generation who think gender neutral. The hole point was that a hot women character was suppose to stand out for the hot male character to date. Its rated M for a god damn reason. By censoring the greatest fucking game you ever made bio ware. I wish you the best of luck cause your gonna be going out of business real soon.


  • There’s a difference between making necessary changes to improve a games performance and/or story mode, and there’s making changes that don’t change anything other than making the players upset. In this case, the censorship that the devs felt like doing here are clearly changes to appease this generation of snowflakes. Camera angle changes, romance changes and even cut content like the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer, are things BioWare further prove how disconnect they are from their fans. I have no doubt the experience will still be enjoyable because it is Mass Effect overall, but it’s stuff like this that worries me for the future of gaming and the mentality of future generations.


  • I have the original version, no need for thid clearly inferior pseudo remake/port.


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