A message from Randy Pitchford: Gearbox sued over “Duke Nukem” soundtrack (humor)

Both Gearbox Software and Steam have been haled to court by video game composer Bobby Prince, the man responsible for the music of Doom, Wolfenstein 3D and Duke Nukem 3D. Prince alleges that 16 of his songs were used in 2016’s Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour without his permission, and without him receiving compensation.

Prince provided music for the original Duke Nukem 3D developed by Apogee. According to the court filing, “Apogee had a limited right to use Mr. Prince’s music in Duke Nukem 3D in exchange for a royalty equal to $1 per unit sold.” In 2010, Gearbox purchased certain rights to the Duke Nukem series from Apogee, but, Prince alleges that Gearbox used his work in the 20th Anniversary re-release without his permission.

Prince claims to have contacted Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford to request royalties owed to him, but Prince never received any royalty payments.

Randy Pitchford himself has reached out exclusively to The Splintering to give us his side of the story. You can read his full comments below:*

The soy is strong with Pitchford

Wassup, cunts?

It’s me, your lord and savior, Randy Pitchford. Rando Calrissian. The Randster.

Before we get started, I want to make it abundantly clear that I am NOT currently sniffing cocaine out of a 14-year-old prostitute’s panties on Jeffry Epstein’s island.

With that out of the way, can you believe this musical chairs bullshit with this Bobby Prince guy? What a cunt! Doesn’t he know that we’re just trying to preserve video game history? I mean, did Hector Berlioz’s estate get a payout for every Zombies Ate My Neighbors sale just because they used his “Symphonie Fantastique?” Helllll to the nahhhh…

Prince is also going after Valve for distributing Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour on Steam. Ha! Now that Borderlands 3 is an Epic Games Store exclusive, my plan to destroy Valve is nearly complete! Villain laugh!

Pssst! Just between us, dear Splintering readers, I can’t say definitively that Bobby Prince is a leader in both the KKK and AntiFa, but if you’re still invoking the Digital Millennium Copyright Act in 2019, you’re literally Hitler. And Stalin. He’s literally Stalin-Hitler. Heh. Yeah.

We at Gearbox have 21 days to respond to the court summons, but a little blue-haired birdy told me that Bobby dated Zoe Quinn once. I hope his suicide insurance is paid up, am I right!? Ha! Something tells me that we don’t have anything to worry about.

Buy Borderlands, kids! Pitchford says PEACE OUT!

Source: PC Gamer

*Note: Randy Pitchford has never actually contacted anyone at The Splintering, and the comments ascribed to him in this post are meant to be taken as satirical.

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