Doppelgängers causing chaos in all worlds – especially in manga

Doppelgängers have been around for decades – often thought of as the evil double or the evil twin. Scientists say that the doppelgänger phenomenon is becoming more noticeable, that we all have at least one person out there in the world that looks like us. Some have two or three. There are plenty of stories where doppelgängers have messed with real people’s lives, and they are a favorite type of character in fiction, particularly the DC Comics universe. The anime/manga world has some pretty impressive doppelgängers to read about, too, some that might have you shuttering at night.

Yokohamasen Doppelganger by Vanessa Chihiro Tamaki

yokohamasen.JPGYokohamasen Doppelganger is my favorite one, as of today. Kenzaki Makoto was a successful sculptor until his life took a turn for the worst. One day he was arrested on suspicion of killing four people – and labeled the Yokohama Line serial killer.

The Yokohama Line murders went to trial, and despite pleading innocent, he was sentenced to capital punishment. After serving 11 years of his sentence, they executed Kenzaki Makoto, but something strange happened. The next day, he woke up to find that time travel had sent him back 11 years, and he had 25 days before the day he got arrested.

Makoto decides to find his younger doppelgänger self to help him solve the crime and catch the real killer.

And… well, there are no spoilers in the article. You will have to search this manga out to find out what happens. The visuals in this manga are super nice, and add to the intensity of the story.

Fair warning! The next doppelgänger story deals with disturbing topics!

Black Paradox by Junji Ito


Black Paradox is about four strangers that decide to meet up after being acquainted via an online portal called Black Paradox. The purpose of the meeting is to commit suicide. While driving to the meeting, they pass a car carrying their doppelgängers, all of them looking normal – without all the problems that they currently have.

They make it to the meeting, and things go a little… not as planned. They have to battle through deception and betrayal, and gather special stones which represent their souls. But their moral conundrum continues…

Black Butler Volume 26 by Yana Toboso


I have to admit, it was hard putting Black Butler third on any list since I have devoured all the Black Butler I could find, but Makoto won his place this time.

Ceil, Ceil Phantomhive! Which one are you calling, the original Ceil, or the current Ceil? In this volume, creator Yana Toboso will make you doubt which Ceil is the best. This volume starts out strong with the original Ceil and the “current” Ceil coming face-to-face, and the mystery of them being doppelgängers is delivered in flashbacks of Ceil’s personal history.

(Black God) by the team of Lim/Park

The Splintering_Kurokami_Black_God

This manga introduces a variation of the doppelgänger idea known as “Doppeliner’s theory,” where one of the three people with identical bodies and minds who share the same fate. In this manga, he explains that every normal human being begins as a Doppeliner. If two of them meet, they die, and the luck and fate of the two go to the remaining person. This makes that person have unimaginable good luck.

Keita Ibuki is a struggling freelance computer programmer that worries about developing and selling video games and why his mother died after seeing her doppelganger.

He struggles through his life and adventure will finding out that the Doppeliner system created by Reishin, the central antagonist. He comes into contact with a childhood friend, Akane Sano that has romantic feelings toward him and has a doppelganger named Yuki Kaionji.

And his world is quickly filled with chaos.

Doppelgängers in the real world are continuously causing problems in their look-a-like’s lives. Well, that is true in the manga world, too. The only difference, of course, is that the manga world is not real. So, if you like the thought of finding your doppelgänger read these adventures, and you might think twice.

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