Roguelike RPG “Omega Labyrinth Life” busts onto Steam in December; new trailer released

D3 Publisher has announced that Omega Labyrinth Life will be released for Steam PC on 10 December.

Developed by Matrix Software, Omega Labyrinth Life is a Roguelike, dungeon-crawling RPG where your heroine must brave treacherous perils in an attempt to maximize her mammaries so that they truly become female assets for the ages! (Why doesn’t she just grab some Boobie Chew and call it a day?)

It’s important to note that the Steam release of Omega Labyrinth Life is adapted from the uncensored Nintendo Switch version of the game, not the PS4 version which was censored at Sony’s insistence.

Here’s the official breakdown of Omega Labyrinth Life from the game’s Steam page, followed by the latest trailer from D3 Publisher:


Roguelike x Relaxation!

Take it easy in the latest addition to the series where you buff your bust with every foe you defeat, Omega Labyrinth!

Now, in addition to adventuring through dungeons, you can enjoy the finer things in life. Taking care of flowers, rebuilding the academy, having a little fun on the side…

Enjoy your daily life in an academy of fair maidens!

Key Features

  • A bonafide roguelike RPG you can play again and again! – Venture through a dungeon with different rooms and items every time you challenge it. Power up your gear and make wise use of your skills to defeat your foes. There are even dungeons with 99 floors!
  • Expand your bust with every fallen foe! Mightier mammaries lead to greater power! – Defeating foes builds up Omega Power in the chest, increasing bust size and parameters. They go all the way up to a Z cup!
  • Raise flowers, rebuild the academy, and more! Enjoy a laid-back life! – Through planting seeds in the garden and raising flowers, or changing up the decor such as the trees, lights or benches, you can change the scenery of the academy like never before in this new addition to the series!

*This game is adapted from the Nintendo Switch version of Omega Labyrinth Life. The animations, artwork, and game mechanics are the same as Omega Labyrinth Life on Nintendo Switch.

Source: Gematsu

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