Not a typo: Action/comedy book “Orgasm Girl” cums to Indiegogo

Cum one, cum all! (Yep, it’s going to be one of those kind of posts….)

On Tuesday, independent comic book creator Trisha Cuffari (aka Dannphan) launched a crowdfunding campaign for Orgasm Girl, a 22-page comic which blends action, comedy, and what looks like a lot of dudes nutting in their pants.

Written by Cuffari and featuring pencils by Sanity, inks by Brain Lee and colors by Nick Caponi, Orgasm Girl follows the adventures of a female boxer named Amari who “can make any man she touches orgasm with the snap of her fingers.” (Don’t a lot of hot chicks already have that power, pretty much?)

Here’s the plot synopsis taken from the Orgasm Girl Indiegogo campaign page:

Amari is a boxer famous for defeating men at their own game of rough and tough. But when she witnesses her young fan being kidnapped by a trafficking cult, she steps up from a lowly cheater to an unlikely hero! Strap in for the action-packed, hilarious and amorous… ORGASM GIRL!

Backers can get a digital version of Orgasm Girl for $5 (which includes concept artwork and a digital wallpaper), while physical copies of the book are $10. If you want to blow a full load, there’s also options for a signed copy and a pinup poster of Amari.

Do you feel a burning in your loins wallet? You can check out some sample artwork below or visit the Orgasm Girl Indiegogo campaign page here.

Suitability for kids: questionable

🎵And he jizzed in his pants🎶

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