Political Satire Photo-Novella “The Adventures of Kim Il Sung and Best Korea” now on Indiegogo

Abandon your capitalist ambitions and rally, comrades! The tale of our glorious communist revolution is finally retold in its full, 1,000% factual form now that The Adventures of Kim Il Sung and Best Korea has launched on Indiegogo!

You don’t know what The Adventures of Kim Il Sung and Best Korea is all about? Allow the generous state to re-educate you! Compiled by Commi3 Mark (creator of NOT Daredevil and the Gay Space Communism YouTube show), The Adventures of Kim Il Sung is an alternate history photo-novella designed to be a “uniquely insightful and thought provoking project exploring the role of propaganda as a weapon for mass political control.”

Here’s the summary of the project taken from the The Adventures of Kim Il Sung Indiegogo campaign page:


사악한 제국주의 미국의 지원을받는 반항적 인 자본주의 테러 견들이 공산주의 유토피아를 위협하고 친애하는 지도자의 힘에 도전합니다.   45 도선에서 사악한 자본주의 개들은 조선 민주주의 인민 공화국 대한민국의 몰락을 그린다. 세계에서 가장 크고 강력한 군대의 지원을 받아 남쪽의 유물 론적 반역자들은 우리 위대한 국가의 침략을 준비합니다.   한 사람 만이 길에 서 있습니다… 김일성.

The Adventures of Kim Il Sung and Best Korea is an alternate history 30+ photo manga telling a propagand-ized version of the Dear Leaders struggle to reunite the Korean Peninsula.

Dear Leader, Who is a Perfect Incarnation of the Appearance that a Leader Should Have, the Father of the People, our Beloved and Respected Leader but totally humble man of the people Kim Il Sung has united our people under the banner of Juche communism and formed a true workers paradise, A communist Utopia: Best Korea.

The Adventures of Kim Il Sung and Best Korea takes REAL photographs from inside one of the most secretive nations on Earth and stitches together a new alternate narrative casting dictator Kim Il Sung as a beloved national hero. 

After single-handedly winning the Second World War and ending the Japanese occupation of our most beautiful and bountiful nation, the Great Leader ushers in a time of great peace and prosperity for the Korean people. So long as everybody does what they’re told. When they are told.



But our communist utopia is under threat. A group of rebellious capitalist terrorist dogs, backed by the evil imperialist United States threaten our Communist utopia and challenge the might of our Dear Leader. 

At the 45th Parallel, the evil capitalist dogs plot the fall of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Best Korea. Backed by the biggest and most powerful army in the world the materialist traitors in the south prepare for an invasion of our great nation.

Only one man stands in their way… Kim Il Sung.

Backers can get a digital version of The Adventures of Kim Il Sung and Best Korea for $6, while there are three options for physical copies: a “Proletariat Fanzine” edition ($10), standard comic book ($12), and Japanese manga edition ($13). For those looking for extra swag, there’s also options for multiple copies of the book, a “Make Korea Best Again” hat, trading cards, and even an option to honor the heritage of the communist revolution by having Commi3 Mark burn a copy of the book on a YouTube livestream. Long live the proletariat!

Do you wish to join the red revolution and be re-educated? Do you think you actually have a choice!? Proceed at once to The Adventures of Kim Il Sung and Best Korea Indiegogo campaign page here, you capitalist dog!

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