“Borderlands 2” update pushes ads for Borderlands 3, breaks the game; Gearbox CEO responds (humor)

On 27 February, the Steam PC editions of Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: the Pre-Sequel received a software update which introduced a “SHiFT” profile name, which would replace the user’s Steam name in-game for the purposes of cross-play.

The SHiFT name must be unique, and all players must create a new SHiFT profile to continue playing both Borderlands titles, whether they intend to use crossplay or not.

Give me your tribute!

Now here’s the fun part. In addition to the SHiFT profile, it appears as though the new updates introduced several bugs, lockups, broken mods, PC and Mac compatibility issues, performance and matchmaking problems, and jarring advertisements for Borderlands 3 in the game menu. (There is an explanation of how to remove the underlying code causing the ads from Borderlands 2 in the Steam forums here)

The Splintering reached out to Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford about the issue,* and he was good enough to get back to us with a few comments:

“Whazzap, my bitches!? It’s me. Randy Pitchford. RandoMan. The Randstar.

“What? You don’t like our new updates? You don’t like buggy games? You don’t like being killed by vending machines? Then why haven’t you just bought Borderlands 3 yet, hoe-bags?

“Those SHiFT profile names? Why the shit do you think we named them “SHiFT”? Because it’s time to “SHiFT” to Borderlands 3!

“Are you already tired of this joke my peddling Borderlands 3? Shit, bitch, are you even the slightest bit aware of Gearbox history? We’d go to any lengths to shill our shit! We shamelessly sold a completely broken Duke Nukem Forever. We ran off with SEGA’s Aliens: Colonial Marines money to help boost Borderlands 2. Why wouldn’t we be willing to break our own games for the sake of Borderlands 3?

“I’d break the Gearbox headquarters down to the ground if it meant selling more Borderlands 3! I’d break into your house and murder your kids! I’d step on a crack and break my mother’s back! I’d break off my father’s dick and eat it with chopsticks- then I’d break the mother-fuckin’-chopsticks and shove those splintery bitches right up my puckered, pink ass!

“Buy Borderlands 3, kids!

“Pitchford, OUT!”

Source: Tech Raptor

*Note: No, we didn’t actually reach out to Randy Pitchford and this portion is 100% for entertainment purposes.

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