Indiegogo campaign for “Freaky Tales” anthology comic fully funded in final days

On Tuesday, the Indiegogo campaign for Freaky Tales successfully reached its initial funding goal with two days remaining on the countdown clock. Having already crowdfunded more than $7 thousand on Kickstarter, the Indiegogo campaign totals are additional gravy added to the Freaky Tales sales pot.

Written by Joshua Metzger and featuring artwork by Guido Martinez, “Torn-S” and Matteo Leoni, Freaky Tales is a 48-page book intended to be the first issue of a new comics magazine featuring both sci-fi and fantasy stories. Issue 1 includes two stories: Three Thorns and Titanium: Blade.

Here’s the official plot synopsis of both stories taken from the Freaky Tales Indiegogo campaign page:

Three Thorns

Three sisters in arms travel the land in search of riches and adventure. Follow Gala, Cayla and Seyelia on their journey as they make use of their powers and skills to defeat villains, vanquish demons and perfect their craft. A fantasy action tale for lovers of manga, anime and fighting games.

Titanium: Blade

Our planet had been taken over by an alien race. The last vestige of human is on its last leg. Their only hope is an old mecha that no one seems to be able to active. 

Backers can get a digital version of Freaky Tales for $8, while physical copies of the book start at $15. If you’ve got more cash to spend, you can also pick up poster prints, variant covers, and even the chance to have your likeness drawn into the final book.

Interested? You can check out some sample artwork below or visit the full Freaky Tales Indiegogo campaign page here.

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