Microsoft removes “Kinectimals” from Xbox Live after “Tiger King” backlash

Microsoft has removed the Xbox 360 Kinect title Kinectimals from Xbox Live following backlash inspired by the Netflix series Tiger King. Those who have previously purchased the game can still re-download it, and of course physical copies are still out there, but if you were somehow still on the fence about the game, you’ve now officially missed your chance.

For those unfamiliar with Kinectimals, the game is a Kinect-controlled pet-raising simulator featuring exotic animals including, well, lions and tigers and bears. The decision to remove the game comes amid the popularity of Netflix documentary series Tiger King, which highlights some questionable practices in animal parks and big cat rescues across the United States.

Here’s part of the statement from Xbox Vice Deputy Head of Online Content, Maria Dominguez-Von Schwartzenberger:

“At Xbox, we take our responsibility toward promoting healthy, entertaining content very seriously. In the wake of the controversy surrounding the exotic animal trade and its connection to a bunch of hicks from Oklahoma, we have taken the proactive step of removing Kinectimals from our Xbox Live online Store. In doing so, we reaffirm our commitment to providing content free of any potential harmful or offensive content.”

It’s unclear whether other video game publishers or developers will follow suit. We at The Splintering reached out to mobile developer Playrix and inquired whether they had considered removing their zoo-themed puzzle game WildScapes from digital storefronts, to which we were told, “Are you shitting me? No. That’s fucking stupid. What kind of retards are running the show over at Microsoft?”


Don’t worry kids, “WildScapes” isn’t going anywhere.

You can check out Ms. Dominguez-Von Schwartzenberger’s full statement here.

What do you think about Kinectimals being removed from Xbox Live? Did you even remember that the game existed? Let us know in the comments!

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