Crowdfunding Makes Comic Book Dreams Come True (Guest Writer: Jeremy Lott)

Nothing against large crowdfunding efforts (go Todd McFarlane!) but I prefer smaller campaigns. Here is part of an update that Kickstarter backers got from Kristian Herrera, creator of Sidekick for Hire, which is funding issue #2:


“That’s right folks! We have reached our goal and we are making the 2nd issue of Sidekick For Hire!

“I was literally at my day job when when I received the notification from Kickstarter that we have reached our goal! It was the happiest message I’ve ever read and if i’m being honest, I was almost in tears for how happy I was! I didn’t cry because my bosses probably would have called HR or something if they saw me crying in the cereal aisle.”

sidekick for hire_the_splintering_kickstarter.jpg

You can read the rest of it on their campaign page.

That email in my inbox prompted me to go visit and see how much this comic has raked in. It had an all-or-nothing goal of $5K. And it has brought in a whopping $5,016 (at the time of this writing).

What that means that, for now, I personally made the difference. Its success creates all kinds of warm fuzzies, not just for me but for all the OTHER people who chipped in and currently are sitting on the balance of funded. Even as it does a little better, all individual contributors will still have made a huge difference, and we know it.

I think that’s an important component of crowdfunding that isn’t talked about enough. Do we want our comics? Heck yes we do. But we also want to see lives transformed, and comic book dreams come true.

-Jeremy Lott*

*Jeremy Lott is an independent comic book creator who recently crowdfunded his comic Movie Men, which is available in digital format for 99 cents here. The Splintering interviewed Lott last year regarding the Movie Men project, which you can read here.


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