Cosplay feature: Capcom’s “Darkstalkers” (Festival of Dread Special)

There’s few game series that scream Halloween as much as Capcom’s Darkstalkers series. Featuring characters inspired by horror mainstays such as Dracula, the Mummy, and zombies, Darkstalkers has a fun take on whatever your Halloween fancy may call for.

As with many other Capcom arcade fighters, the roster of Darkstalkers and its sequels (Night Warriors and Vampire Savior) features expressive designs that just beg for cosplay experimentation, and over the years, the cosplayers have responded with their own creative interpretations, and collected in the gallery below is just a small sample of these efforts.

We would like to say that we found cosplay of everyone from the Darkstalkers roster, but there are clearly favorites, and we didn’t find examples of every single character (What? No Huitzil fans out there?). To make up for this terrible reality, we’ve bulked up the gallery with some extra pics which may focus on the female fighters. Girl power!

Enjoy, and Happy Halloween!

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  • Holy wow! Great pics. Happy Halloween!

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  • Rusty Shackleford

    The wife and I played some Nightwarriors last night for Halloween. She only played 2 fights, because when we started playing, she was like, “Where’s Jeddah?” I told her he was only in the 3rd one, but I liked the stages and music in the 2nd one better. (The 1st, more than that, but it wasn’t easily available) Yeah, so lesson learned… play the version with the characters the wife likes next time! Oh well… that and The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown was about all we had time for before we had to sleep. *sigh* Halloween came and went too quickly this year! I want another week of the Festival of Dread! 😉

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