Top Ten Terrifying Manga Characters That Fuel Your Nightmares (Festival of Dread special)

Welcome back to the Festival of Dread, The Splintering‘s month-long celebration of all things nocturnal and nightmarish! 

On the night of All Hallow’s Eve, you are forced to take a dark alley to escape a mob of an angry spirit, who would you not like to meet in that alley and why. Here are 10 disturbing and scary manga and anime characters that add fuel to your worst nightmares!

10. Yuno Gasai (Future Diary)


Yuno Gasai pink-haired psycho of Future Diary, a manga about twelve people who received phones that can predict the future and are asked to kill each other to become a god. Yuno can change her mood on a dime, going from sweet, innocent to a violent psycho. She definitely gives Ophelia, from Claymore, a run for favorite sadistic female. Ring, ring. Don’t answer that phone.

9. Kyubey (Madoka Magica)


Yes, Kyubey is a small, white, cute, genderless (but portrays himself as he) cat that is his disguise.

Kyubey’s true self is a vile, deceitful, emotionless monster that stalks young girls who are hoping he will grant them a wish but instead turns them into magical girls, so they fight the evil witches. So, ladies, be careful not to be immersed into his cuteness that you get trapped with your boxing gloves on with a wicked witch ready to fight back.

8. Barragan Louisenbair (Bleach)


Some might say that old white-haired man is not scary, but his ultimate form, a skeleton with a crown. His newest ability, Respira, known as “the breath of death,” rots anything it touches. So, hand Barragan a mint and run as fast as you can.

7. Caster (Fate/Zero)


His face, his eyes, peering through the dark would send anyone running. The other reason is simple, this boy is sick and cruel. He plays with their minds and gives them hope before turning to his hobby of torturing his victims before he murders them. Watch out for your fate when Caster is approaching you.

6. Kaneki Ken (Tokyo Ghoul)


Speaking of sick boys, how about Tokyo Ghoul‘s Kaneki Ken? Tokyo Ghoul stars an ordinary boy who transforms into a flesh-eating monster that shifts between the fantasy world and the streets of Tokyo.

5. Medusa The Witch (Soul Eater)


Medusa Gorgon is one of the evilest characters of Soul Eater, but she is highly intelligent. She is also wicked and disheartening. But the looks she gives in those soulless eyes before she eats your soul is what fuels nightmares.

4. Ryner Lute (Legend of Legendary)


Don’t be fooled by his normal appearance; he does have a dark side. He has a curse called Alpha Stigma. So don’t catch his gaze at you if you don’t want to become a disintegrated corpse. It is best to take your loot (a.k.a) candy and run.

Who could forget the last three evil villains!

3. Alucard (Hellsing)


Alucard is just one of the many aliases used to call this most powerful vampire warrior of the Hellsing Organization. He lets the enemy damage him, and he regenerates back in front of them as they come to the realization that their time is near, leaving them dismembered or severely disfigured.

2. Hisoka (Hunter X Hunter)


Don’t be fooled by Hisoka’s eccentric fashion trend as someone you would want to walk down a runway with and definitely, not down a dark alley. He might be a jester that is just as evil as the Joker. He loves dishing out pain, but he also loves receiving pain. Hisoka is not to be trusted.

1. Grell SutCliff (Kuroshitsuji)


Last but not a lightweight by any means, Grell SutCliff. It is not enough to see a grim reaper in your face, but one with a custom made death scythe slash with a chainsaw as his weapon.

Expectations of running into something that is scary or to get scared on All Hallow’s Eve is normal. So, have a perfect All Hallow’s Eve by crawling into bed with your night’s sweets and a great scary manga to read. Be sure to let us know if we missed any key horrific manga monsters in the comments below, and in the meantime, we’ll see you in your nightmares

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